Guppy Show and Tell                                                                   

              Guppy Show and Tell


Show and Tell is essentially an experience in public speaking.  It’s a golden opportunity for students to make a home/school connection.  It encourages the development of communication skills (eye contact, volume, gestures, word choices, etc.)  It helps us get to know each other better and it’s a great self-esteem builder!!


For the “audience”, show and tell is an opportunity to practice well “audience manners”.  We show respect for the speaker by having looking eyes, listening ears, quiet lips, quiet feet, and we keep our hands to ourselves.


After the speaker has had 3-5 minutes of uninterrupted time to make her/his presentation, the audience will be given an opportunity to ask questions.  This is great practice in learning to use question words (who, what when, where, why, how) and in keeping the question related to the event.  It’s not easy to generate a quality question, which is why we practice this skill.


The children have been sharing as a group and I feel that it has not given us enough time for each child to share their “show and tell”.  I have decided that each child will be assigned Show and Tell on a rotating basis.  Please check the weekly newsletter/monthly calendar so that you can help your child prepare.


If your child is absent on his/her “Show and Tell Day”, he/she must wait for her/his next scheduled day to do the show.  We cannot have “makeup” days because it results in two “show and Tells” on one day, and it is difficult for young children to be politely attentive audience members for two presentations. 


Some Guidelines:

-Show and Tell is not an exercise in consumerism.  Hand-made and found objects are absolutely welcome!

- Help your child to choose something that she/he is excited about!  Talk about what makes it special, where it comes from, and who have it to him/her.

- Photographs of interesting places, pets, etc. ate fine!

- The show and tell item must be small enough to fit in your child’s backpack.  It should also be “hidden” in a plastic grocery bag so that we can keep the “secret” until it is time to show!!

-NO Live Animals – NO EXCEPTIONS.

-Absolutely no violent toys of any type (ie. swords, guns, etc.)


The Guppy Team