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I'm Ms. Fawn, lead teacher in the Tadpole Room (AM class).
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The AM Tadpole Team

Tadpole Team

Ms. Fawn, Ms. Jill (TA), Ms. Sue (OT), Ms. Stephanie (TA), Ms. Krystal (TA), Ms. Donna (SP&L)

About Our Class

The AM Tadpole Class includes children who are three-years-old and will be turning four sometime later in the school year or next summer. We are an inclusive classroom that supports young children with or without disabilities through collaboration with families, the classroom team, and related therapists. Students attend various days of the week depending on their individual needs and family circumstances. The program runs Monday through Thursday from 8:45-11:00AM. Although our school day is brief, we accomplish a lot! Our day includes large-motor activity in our sensory-motor room and on the playground, fine-motor activities and projects in the classroom, as well as circle time, story-time, centers, and, everybody’s favorite, snack! Our classroom is also equipped with a SMART-board and shared iPad to incorporate technology on a daily basis. Check out our Daily Schedule.

Our class is a part of the LEEP Program, or Londonderry Early Education Program. The acronym ‘LEEP’ contributed to our ‘pond’ theme of classrooms (ex. Tadpoles, Minnows, Polliwogs, Guppies, & Fireflies). We are accredited by the National Association for the Education of the Young Child (NAEYC), and the only public school accredited program in the state of New Hampshire. What does it take to become accredited? Click here to find out: The Four Steps to Achieving NAEYC Accreditation. For more information on how choosing an accredited program benefit your child, please read: NAEYC Overview for Families.