August 30th newsletter

                            Kindergarten News

         Moose Hill School              August 30, 2018

                 Room 5                              Mrs. Curro

It was wonderful meeting so many of you last Friday.  We had an exciting and successful first week of school.  We are concentrating on school and playground rules as well as our classroom routine.  The children brainstormed together to make their own classroom rules and signed a contract stating that they would follow these rules. 

            This week the students learned about Mat Man.  He is used with our handwriting program.  The kindergartners completed a picture of themselves on their first day of school.  We learned the poem “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear” and the song “The More We Get Together”.  The class went on a moose hunt around the building during our tour of the school.

            In the area of Math, we daily go over the calendar, days of the week and the months of the year. This week we started Chapter One in our Math Program.  This chapter focuses on numbers one to five. The kindergartners have been learning about shapes as well.  Please review circle, square, rectangle, triangle and hexagon with your child.  The children are enjoying free exploration time with the various math and handwriting manipulatives in the classroom.  Next week we will begin our Center Time; our centers will include Math, Language Arts, Handwriting, Arts and Crafts and Snack time.  Please check the September Special Helper calendar for your child’s show and share day. 

            It would help if you could send your child in with only one snack and drink.  Our snack time is limited and this would be a great help.  In keeping with the school district’s wellness policy, we are asking parents not to send in treats for birthdays.  The children will pick a special surprise from our birthday treasure box.  I would like to express how overwhelmed I am with how generous you have been with our classroom donations.  I will be sending home a calendar for the month of October for the parent volunteers. 

            Please label all clothing and other items that your child brings to school.  We met Mrs. Thompson, our Moose Hill Librarian during our library time on Thursday.   We will be visiting the library every week on Thursdays.  Our September Scholastic Book Order will be sent home on next Tuesday.  Books will be ordered from Scholastic approximately once a month.  Please do not feel obligated to purchase every time.                                    Over………



            We will be having a Field Trip to Mack’s Apples in September.   In the AM class, our trip is from 10:15-11:00 and the time for the PM class is from 1:45-2:30.  The cost of the trip, which includes a class bushel of apples and a mini pumpkin for each kindergartner, is provided by the Moose Hill PTA.  Please email me at if you would like to contact me using email. 

            If you have not returned the kindergarten paperwork, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you.  We do not have school Friday or Monday for the Labor Day weekend (8/31 & 9/3).  I will be contacting the parents who have signed up to be room parents or classroom volunteers over the next two weeks.  Our Moose Hill PTA meeting is being held on Thursday, September 13th at 7PM.        

                                                          Have a wonderful long weekend!!

                                                                             Sincerely,                Mrs. Curro