October 19th Letter Dd

                             Kindergarten News

         Moose Hill School           October 19, 2018

                 Room 5                        Mrs. Curro


Classroom Activities

       Dd is for dots, dogs and dinosaurs.  This week we concentrated on the letter Dd.  The letter person Mr. D came to visit and showed us how he dances the Flamenco. We worked on the letter Dd in our handwriting books and ABC Journals.  The children completed a dots booklet, which focused on the numbers 1-10.  In Art, we made “Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate”.  The students listened to the story Darlene which is about a girl who needs a friend to cheer her up.  We brainstormed on how we can help a friend who is unhappy.  In the area of Math, we are working on the numbers 9 and the concepts or more and less.  We drew our picture and made a graph to show whether there are more boys or girls in our classroom. The kindergartners had fun using dominoes and playing in the Animal Hospital.  In our literacy work this week, we played a sight word game with beanbags.    We had fun acting out the Halloween story The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything! .  Have your child read the book I Have  to you and encourage them to point to each word as they read.


What’s Coming Up

      Families are invited to watch our Halloween Parade on Friday, th at 9:30 AM for the morning class and 1:15 PM for the afternoon class.  Please send costumes to school in a labeled bag.  Costumes should not be scary or violent.  The room mothers have arranged for refreshments and activities for the children on that day.  As a new district policy we are asking parents to list the ingredients of any food/drink items that they are donating for the parties.  Parent-Teacher Conferences are November 16th and 17th.  The kindergarten students do not come to school on these two days.   Raffle tickets for the Fire Truck ride will be sold until 10/25.   No school on Veteran’s Day, Friday, November 10th.   The teachers and children enjoy the special talents, kindness and patience of our classroom volunteers. Check out Moose Hill activities via Twitter @Londonderry_mhs.  The kindergarten account is @ MH_kindergarten.     

    Have a wonderful weekend!          Sincerely,  

                                                                       Mrs. Curro (bcurro@londonderry.org)