September 14th Newsletter


                       Kindergarten News

       Moose Hill School             Londonderry, NH

          Mrs. Curro                       September 14, 2018


Our theme this week was how people help each other.  The children listened to the story Fix It Duck.  This is a story of a duck who never actually fixes anything. We focused on the setting of the story.  Ask your child if the story took place in the city or the country.  The students continued to work with the sight words  I and like.  The children are learning all about themselves and their friends.  Your kindergartner made an “All About Me” book.  The children will create a Meet Me project that you will be able to enjoy at our Parents’ Night in October.   They took home their book I Like Shapes to practice their new sight words. Ask your child to “track” or point to each word as they read.  This will help reading print from left to right.  I encourage you to keep all the readers that come home, so that your child can read them over and over.  We enjoyed clapping syllables in words and playing Syllable Suitcase.

            We are continuing to work with colors, shapes and sorting in Math.  This week we practiced making the numerals 1, 2 3 and 4.  We learned how to sort by color, shape and size.  The eight basic shapes were cut out and then taken home.  The students played Shape Escape Game and other shape and color games. 

            In our Handwriting program, the children have met Mat Man.  Ask your kindergartner who he is and how he is made.  In our LIPS program, the reading teachers have introduced us to Tongue Cooler’s brother, Tongue Scraper.  Ask your child about Tongue Cooler sounds (/f/ and /v/) and Tongue Scraper sounds (/k/ and /g/).  These terms are part of our LIPS program that focuses on how sounds look and feel when we make them.   

  We are excited to meet all our parent volunteers who will be starting in October.  A calendar will be sent home today. If you would like to volunteer we would love to have you! Our Parent’s Night for kindergarten is on Thursday, October 11th.  Our AM session and the PM Sessions will take place from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.   Your children are looking forward to you bringing them to this special event. PTA fundraiser orders are due October 12th (Friday).  Scholastic Book Orders are due September 27th (Thursday). 

  Our field trip to Mack’s Apples will be held on Wednesday, September 19th.  We will go even if it is slightly raining.  In the event of heavy rain, we will need to cancel and we do not have a rain date.  Thursday is our Library day; please try to return your books in your library book bag prior to this day.  Check your child’s folder and return daily.  You may check out Moose Hill activities via Twitter@Londonderry_mhs.  The kindergarten account is @MH_kindergarten.  If you would like to contact me via email please use               


                                                          Have a wonderful weekend.          Sincerely,           Mrs. Curro