September 7th Newsletter

                          Kindergarten News

         Moose Hill School         Londonderry, NH

                 Room 5                  September 7, 2018


We had a fun, busy and productive week at school.  The students are settling into the routine of the classroom and getting to know each other.  In Language Arts, the two sight words that were introduced were I and like.  The book, I like Colors was sent home this week.   Please have your kindergartner share this with you.  Ask your child to “track” or point to each word as they read.  This will help reinforce reading print left to right.  I encourage you to keep all the readers that come home, so that your child can read them over and over. The children listened to the story The Little School Bus and we focused on the term character and what it means in a story.  The vocabulary words for this story are the ordinal number words (first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth). We are doing a quick review of all the letters and will do more in-depth activities starting next month.  We have also introduced rhyming words.

 Each week we use our journals for our various writing topics.  The kindergartners will also have a notebook as a place to keep our poems.  We have literacy in both small and large group activities.  The children will listen to books read aloud, play word games

(rhyme, repetition, songs, chants, clapping to syllables, poems, beginning and ending sounds), learn phonic lessons and take part in guided reading and writing.  We also have writing workshop time later in the year in which we make books approximately one to two times a week. 

            In the area of Math, we will be learning about the concept of sorting and how to sort in various ways.  The children are also reviewing their colors and shapes.  Please review circle, square, rectangle, triangle and hexagon with your kindergartener.  We have learned about positional words such as top, bottom and middle.  We use the calendar daily to reinforce number recognition and counting. 

            We love to sing in Kindergarten and learn new songs every week.  We sang “Movable Me” in which the children learned about different parts of their bodies. We enjoyed going to the library on Thursday.  The students learned all about the library and how to take care of their books.  The children need to return their books on Wednesday each week.  Please use the special library bags. We started taking books home this week.   Our reading teachers have been visiting our classroom to talk about how a sound feels and sounds.  Ask your youngster what lip poppers are. 



            The kindergartners have started Centers.  We had Centers this week and you would be proud of how well your child was able to move independently from one center to the next.  Our small group centers include math, literacy, art, learning games and handwriting activities.  On Friday we ended the week with a Bus Safety Assembly.  Again, I would like to thank you for your generosity with the donations you have sent in.  I am very fortunate to have such great parents.  I will be sending out homework assignments with our weekly newsletters.  Although homework is not mandatory, it is beneficial to practice concepts and skills the children are learning throughout the year.  Please complete the items when you and your child have time.

  Our field trip to Mack’s Apples will be on Wednesday, September 19th.  We are looking forward to a great trip.  We will be picking a big bag of classroom apples and each child will get to pick their own small pumpkin. Our PTA pays for the apples and pumpkins for the students.  Siblings attending need to pay $2.00 for pumpkins.   I will be contacting parents who have signed up to be volunteers in the classroom next week. On Friday, September 14th we will be having school photos taken of your kindergartner.   Check out all the Moose Hill activities via Twitter @ Londonderry_mhs.  The kindergarten account is @MH_kindergarten.  Please email at if you would like to contact me through email. 

                              Have a super weekend!      


                                                                Sincerely,    Mrs. Curro (