Welcome to   Room 16


     My name is Janet Stith and I welcome you to Kindergarten.  My instructional assistant  is Cathy Heinrich.   We have other support staff and specialist in the room during both the AM and PM that your child may talk about as well.  We are looking forward to meeting a new group of children and parents!  
     Please email me with any questions or concerns or just check ins at   [email protected]
Notes can also go back and forth through your child's home folder.  If you have something urgent please call the office.

           Backpack.png Supplies

      Your child will need a good size back pack that can easily hold a snack, a daily folder, library books and cold weather clothing.  A pocket folder will be provided on the first day of school.  If something happens to this one we appreciate parent replacements.  If your child goes to another program before or after school please supply a second folder so paperwork does not get mixed up.  Your child does not need school supplies.   Please leave all pencil boxes, crayons, etc. at home for "homework" and home projects. 

                                                           Watermelon.png Snack

     We will have snack every day at school.  Please send a healthy snack that your child can easily open on their own and be independent when eating. (No oranges to peel or whole apples to cut please.)   A water bottle is best so your child can easily access water during the day (especially when everyone is thristy after recess).  Water spills are also much easier to clean up than juice and milk spills. 

*This year we are the allergy aware classroom.  More information will be provided to you about this.

                                                                    Muffin.png  Birthdays
      We love to acknowledge birthdays, however it is our Moose Hill policy not to include special snacks as part of the celebration.  Children are typically given a crown and we sing our special birthday song as well as a special trip to the office for a birthday pencil and certificate.     

                                                                              Sport Girl.png Recess

     During the nice weather we go outside daily.  During the winter weather we will go out two days a week with our winter gear on.  Please be sure children wear appropriate clothing and especially foot ware for the playground.

                                                                  ABC Blocks.png Daily Schedule

      Children learn routines quickly and we have predictable schedules each day.  Our daily schedule includes child and teacher directed tasks as well as small and large group instruction. Our curriculum focuses on reading, writing and math skills while integrating social studies and science topics.   We nurture each child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive development in a variety of ways throughout our daily activities.   I send home weekly or biweekly newsletters that will give you information about current areas of focus.   


                                                                Welcome to Kindergarten!