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Moose Hill School Nurse

Beth Cornelius BSN, RN

437-5855 ext. 3

[email protected]


As part of the program here at Moose Hill School, my goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment for all the children.

I am requesting that you, as parents, work with me by referring to the following throughout the school year:

Emergency contacts:  Please notify me if there are any changes in
your work, home, cell phone or emergency contact person’s phone numbers.

Medications:  If your child requires medication at school for asthma, or an allergy a permission slip must be signed along with a doctor’s order and labeled medication. Medications need to be dropped off by a parent. The students are not allowed to transport medications in their backpacks.

New Medical Conditions:  It is very important that you keep me up
to date as the year progresses regarding medical changes with your child. If
your child has a physical exam during the school year, please send me a copy so I can keep the records up to date. 

Illness:  Our policy is to send a child home if he/she has a fever of 100 degrees or higher, vomiting, diarrhea, unknown skin rash, or unknown discharge from eyes.  Please keep your child home if any of these symptoms occur.  If your child is sent home with a fever he/she is required to stay home the next school day. If he/she requires antibiotics please keep the child home for 24 hours after starting the medication.  Call the absentee line at 437-5192
and state reason for absence.

Injury:  If your child requires a visit to the doctor for an illness or injury, please obtain a note from the doctor prior to returning to school with any orders for activity restrictions or accommodations needed for school. 

Screenings:  Vision and hearing will be done in October if your child was not screened on one of the screening days. You will be notified if your child does not pass the screening.

Allergies: Peanuts, tree nuts (walnuts, cashews, etc.), shellfish, fish, milk, and eggs commonly cause anaphylactic reactions.  Only a trace amount of a problem food can cause a reaction in some individuals.

Therefore we are asking that you have your child wash his/her hands well prior to school to prevent the possibility of transferring food particles on the bus.

Snacks: Moose Hill is making an effort to teach our students healthy habits.  Therefore, we are asking that the children bring in healthy snacks such as fruit, crackers and juice or water as opposed to cookies, chips and sugary drinks. The students are not allowed to eat on the bus and cannot share their snack at school.

Other than the few specific class celebrations that are organized by the teacher, we will no longer allow students to bring in food products to share with the class. Many of our students are on dietary restrictions and would not be able to participate.

Thank you for understanding.

Please call me at 437-5855 if you have any medical concerns or issues pertaining to your child.

Thank you,

 Beth Cornelius BSN, RN





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