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Welcome to Room 3!

Welcome to Mrs. Keller's kindergarten homepage!  

This year is going to be a great adventure!  I look forward to meeting all of you, children and families.  We are going to have a wonderful time together in kindergarten.  We will play, read, sing, do movement, and learn so many things.  I can't wait to get started. 
Morning kindergarten runs from 8:42am-11:25am.  The afternoon session begins at 12:35pm  and ends at 3:18pm.

Each day at school, children will need to bring a backpack with their folder and a snack.  Your child's backpack should be large enough to fit his or her library books inside.  Some of those picture books are pretty big!  Rolling backpacks are not a great choice for kindergarten.  We will give you your child's folder on the first day of school.  It's a strong one and should last all year.  Each day, the children will need a snack; just one healthy snack and one drink is all that is necessary.  

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We visit the Moose Hill library every Thursday.  The children check out books and then return them the following week.  This year, it will be a few weeks before we begin book circulation.

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When it is your child's birthday, we will celebrate!  Please do not send cupcakes in...we handle it all here at school and we will celebrate without food.  We will be sure to celebrate the summer birthdays at year's end.  

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Weather permitting, we will go outside every day.  Sneakers and socks are the best footwear for school each day.

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I can't wait to meet everyone!!

Love, Mrs. Keller


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