Support at Home

You can continue to support your child's learning at home with some of these activities:

*Look at the paperwork and projects that come home with your child so they see that you value their hard work.  Discuss the tasks asking them to explain their work.  This may lead to some sharing about other class activities as well.

*Reinforce math concepts with lots of game time.  Card games and dice games are super at building early number skills.   You can also develop strong number sense with real life or made up problems to solve.  ("We have 6 people for dinner but I only have 5 plates.  How many more plates do I need?")  

*Letter and sound knowledge is critical for early literacy and often takes extra practice. Any time you can spend engaging with letters and sounds and later simple words to build confidence and skill, is helpful.  

*Most important - be sure to read to your child everyday.  Listening, thinking and discussing books is so important in developing comprehension skills, building vocabulary, understanding how language works, and of course nurturing the love of reading. 

*Research also suggests that children who see their parents reading (modeling behaviors and habits of life long readers) will value and pursue reading throughout their lives.  So take some time to curl up with some good reading material for yourself!