I am one of two Special Education Teachers for Moose Hill Kindergarten. My official title is "Inclusion Teacher". This title reflects our educational model at Moose Hill: All students participate in the general education program to the maximum extent possible given his or her specific learning needs.




We have many talented individuals working within the Special Education Department at the Kindergarten level.  Team members include a Speech Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist to address the specific needs of children in the areas of speech and language and fine/gross motor.  A Physical Therapist also serves children with gross motor needs.  




Our program's success depends upon the highly skilled Special Education Assistants in our department.  Our assistants are assigned to specific classrooms to address the learning needs of individual children as stated in their I.E.P.'s.  These wonderful Paraprofessionals have attended many, many training opportunities (often on their own time!) to prepare them to execute and enhance activities that promote growth in the educational "Goal" areas for each child assigned to them.  Our Educational Assistants are the BEST teachers in the world!!!!