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Essentials for Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers is a free, online resource developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Designed for parents of 2 to 4 year olds, Essentials for Parenting addresses common parenting challenges, like tantrums and whining. The purpose of the resource is to provide as much information as possible on things you can do to build a positive, healthy relationship. Skills focus on encouraging good behavior and decreasing misbehavior using proven strategies like positive communication, structure and rules, clear directions, and consistent discipline and consequences.

Parenting Essentials

Guide to Programs & Services offered by Southern New Hampshire Services:


CASEY FAMILY SERVICES Established in 1988, the New Hampshire Division of Casey Family Services offers an array of services to support and strengthen children, families, and communities statewide. Casey Family Services


Waypoint (a.k.a.- CHILD AND FAMILY SERVICES) The Family Support and Preservation programs offered by Child and Family Services of NH are designed to provide a wide array of support services to families throughout NH and portions of VT.  These programs offer emotional support and practical solutions in managing family life, work with families who struggle with employment barriers and offer assistance to those who need in home assistance with parenting and household management.  Other programs range from those designed to facilitate permanence for at-risk youth to support groups for parents to a program that assists families who have a child with a chronic health condition.


Children's Medical Assistance It is the goal of DHHS and the Division of Family Assistance to ensure that each child in NH has access to quality health care. We do this by working in partnership with the medical and dental insurers, hospitals, community health centers, healthcare providers, schools and social service agencies across the state. 

DHHS- Department of Health and Human Services

N.H. FAMILY VOICES They operate a "Family to Family Health and Service Center" and several projects, each with a specific focus on different ways we can help families supporting children with special needs to become informed, experienced self-sufficient advocates for their children and themselves. There is no charge for the services they provide. They are funded by state and federal grants, as well as donations from community partners and supporters.

THE UPPER ROOM The Upper Room is a non-profit Family Resource Center who is committed to the development of strong individuals and families in our community. They are a team of dedicated professionals who are actively working to improve the family life of the citizens of Derry and surrounding communities in a way that is unique to any place in New Hampshire. The Upper Room is here to help individuals and families in need of education, support, and resources to "make it" in today's world.

The Upper Room Derry

KNOW AND TELL: The Granite State Children’s Alliance, New Hampshire’s network of Child Advocacy Centers.  Everyone in New Hampshire is now mandated to report suspected abuse.  We can all find the courage to report abuse, KNOW & TELL. Anonymously report what you see by calling DCYF at (800) 894-5533 or your local Police – For emergencies Dial 911.  

Know and Tell

Sonshine Soup Kitchen- Derry NH
To fulfill the mission of the Sonshine Soup Kitchen, we serve a free, hot meal to anyone who enters our dining room Monday through Friday, between 4:30 and 5:30 pm.

Sonshine Soup Kitchen

Londonderry Food Pantry: Londonderry Food Pantry

Maneuvering the Maze:   2019 Maneuvering Through the Maze is formatted to take the reader from birth to adulthood with listings of state health and human services agencies, educational resources, private associations and organizations that serve people with physical, developmental, mental health and chronic health conditions and their families. We have also added organizations and services that can be accessed by all state residents, such as housing, childcare, etc.