About LEEP

Welcome to the Londonderry Early Education Program!

We are nestled in the beautiful apple orchards at Moose Hill School.  Greetings!  My name is Kim Speers and I am the Preschool Coordinator for the Londonderry Early Education Program, also known as LEEP. 

Feel free to take a moment to check out our resources for both parents and children.  You can find my contact information on this page if you have any questions.  


Please remember we are a nut product safe environment.  Be sure to check those snack labels frequently.  For more information on snacks check out the Parent Handbook.


You can reach me at 603-437-5855 extension 7118 or by email at kspeers@londonderry.org (email is the best way to reach me). You can also send a note in with your child. Please remember the school email is considered public information, so we strongly discourage you from sharing any sensitive information via this resource.

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Dr. Suess