This year we are using the Heggerty early pre-k phonological awareness curriculum.  We will be working on the skills of rhyme, initial phoneme isolation, and blending are introduced at the beginning of instruction. Segmenting words and Final Phoneme Isolation are introduced in later weeks of instruction.

There are 5 Phonological Awareness Skills which we will be working on:

As well as 2 Early Literacy Skills

We also use the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing ® Program for reading, spelling and speech (LIPS®) which stimulates phonemic awareness. Our students learn to become aware of the mouth actions which produce speech sounds. This awareness can assist with self-correcting in reading and spelling, and speech. You can learn more about this program by going to: 

Our pre-kindergarten students also participate in Fundations  handwriting prekindergarten program. This curriculum is being added to our curriculum this year to align with the kindergarten program. Our students are learning the program vocabulary and have early exposure to the Wilson's writing materials.

Our curriculum to help students develop their social emotional develop is The Second Steps Preschool curriculum.  The Second Step Early Learning Program helps your youngest learners benefit more from preschool and prepare for kindergarten. They'll learn skills to help them pay attention, remember directions, and control their behavior.  You can learn more at: 

The program also uses The Little Spot Curriculum by Diane Alber to support the social emotional growth of our students. The team has found The Little Spots characters are easy for the students to relate to as well as identify.

The pre-k program uses the expanding expression tool to support the organization of language.